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Orange Dreamsicle Float

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The perfect nighttime dessert!

Wise Ape Tea Co's Orange Dreamsicle blend is a super tasty sleepy time tea. Of course, being the dessert fiend that I am, I found a way to turn my nighttime tea into a bomb ass dessert.

Do you guys remember root beer floats? Like... how awesome were those?! And I haven't even thought about them since middle school. Probably because they're loaded with processed sugar and poor quality dairy and I just haven't been about that life for a while.

This float is my low sugar, orange cream version of a classic root beer float and it requires the following....

Makes one large float or two medium sized floats


1 cup cold brewed Wise Ape Co. Orange Dreamsicle

1 can Root Beer Ginger flavored Zevia

3-4 scoops vanilla Halo Top ice cream


Place ice cream in the glass

Then pour in the tea

Top it off with the root beer Zevia

Enjoy this wonderful nostalgic moment I have created for you.

You're welcome.

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