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Chocolate Hustle Milk Tea

Is it sad that it in my 27 years of living, it took working in Hawaii for a full 6 months for me to learn what milk tea is? My Asian coworkers really felt they let me down and provided me with all the milk tea they possibly could toward the end of my Hawaii contract.

Milk tea... It's an incredibly popular beverage that cafes get to charge out the ass for. And it's literally just tea, milk, and sugar!

Psh, even I can manage that and save the $6 someone wants to charge me at a shop.

Here is what you will need to make your own milk tea at home....

Makes 2 large cups of milk tea


Wise Ape Chocolate Hustle Tea (or Yerba Mate or black tea of your choosing)

2 cups water

2 cups almond milk (or plant milk of choice)

4 tablespoons monk fruit sweetener (or more, or less... because if you've been to a milk tea joint, you know they ask you how sweet you want it; so you do you when it comes to this part!)


In a pot, boil some water, then turn the heat on low and place two tea bags in the water

Let brew for at least 10 minutes (you want it strong!)

Add the plant milk and sweetener

Cook on low for 3 more minutes

Serve and enjoy!

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