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Your annoyingly blunt source for nutrition facts, healthy recipes, and fitness tips from one of the biggest skeptics in the health industry.


Wild Child Chef Services


Nutrition Therapy Consultation

Find out what works for YOUR body type!

Through my carefully tailored questionnaire and food journal analysis, we can get to the root of what is preventing you from feeling your best.

Nutrigenetic Reporting

Find out how you should be eating according to your DNA!

Using your 23andMe data, or data from Apeiron testing, I extract that raw data to generate a report giving me information on your food tolerances, supplementation needs, sleep health, detoxification abilities, and even athletic performance propensities.


Cooking Demo

Gather a group of friends for a cooking demo and nutrition presentation in your own kitchen. *Limited to Northern California*

Host a fun brunch for your friends and family! I'll bring all of the ingredients needed to prep a delicious breakfast/lunch for everyone while I talk about nutrition and why I use the ingredients that I do.


"Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated and cooking shouldn't feel like rocket science"



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