Wild Child Chef, Jordyn Stradley

Just a sarcastic a-hole trying to simplify the world of cooking, fitness, and nutrition for those who feel lost and confused by the "health" nonsense being thrown in our faces everyday.

I am a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, and an Epigenetics Coach designing individualized programming for clients wanting to look and feel amazing. 

There is no one-size-fits-all diet and that is why you will constantly see me debunking articles and documentaries claiming that one diet is the end all be all for every single human. I'm going to be a complete dick about it too. The problem with following the same diet as everyone else is that YOU ARE NOT THEM. You were designed with your own genetic code, your own gut chemistry, and you most likely live in a different environment and have a different lifestyle than the people claiming that you'll feel amazing on THEIR diet. Listen to your body, not IG "influencers".

More about me...

I have an amazing job working in information technology and I will always have one foot in the tech world while I continue working and growing my knowledge and skills in the wellness industry. 

It's an odd mix but when they let 17 year old graduates pick their major in college, said 17 year olds may follow the path that leads them to designing video games someday; maybe because the Grandma's Boy lifestyle looked dope as hell at the time. I never joined the gaming world, but I did learn how to code multiple languages and I fell in love with programming.

However, as a former athlete, I never let go of my pursuit for optimal health and fitness. I started coaching Crossfit in college and have since then continually furthered my education in nutrition and specialty training techniques.

I believe that a coach, whether they work in fitness or in nutrition (or both), should always continue educating themselves for the sake of their clients. I also believe that quality knowledge should be shared freely. That is what this website is meant to do.

The Wild Child Chef website is a platform where I will share amazing, healthy recipes designed by yours truly; along with the high impact facts that I learn from my continuing education.

I do offer genetic analysis testing along with nutrition/fitness programming based on your body type and lifestyle. If that idea rocks your nips off then feel free to shoot me an email and we'll find your perfect program.

For everyone else, enjoy all the freebies I post on this website.