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Wild Child Chef, Jordyn Stradley

Just a sarcastic a-hole trying to simplify the world of cooking, fitness, and nutrition for those who feel lost and confused by the "health" nonsense being thrown in our faces everyday.

I am a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, Epigenetics Coach, and Pain Free Performance Specialist designing individualized programming for clients wanting to look and feel amazing. 

Fulltime, I work as a cardiology analyst and work toward furthering my career in the IT world. Although that is my fulltime job, that's just my avatar 8 hours of each day. The rest of my time is filled training clients in person, designing online workout programs for remote clients, and furthering my education in all things fitness and nutrition. I believe a good coach/trainer is always on a pursuit of knowledge for the sake of their clientele.

On top of working in IT and trying to be the best trainer I possibly can, a girl has to have a creative outlet. Hence, the merchandise of positive affirmations designed by yours truly. Head over to the Shop section of this site to check out some fun products. 

My shop is in no way an attempt to get rich. I'm just trying to make some people smile :-)

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